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Bo,YUE silicone products

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Bo,YUE silicone products
Bo,YUE silicone products
Bo,YUE silicone products
Bo,YUE silicone products
Bo,YUE silicone products




Chinese name: Ban Mr. Guo Wei
English name: Tom Ban
Mobile: 13570810641
Chinese Name: Mr. Zhu Weixiong
Mobile: 13528542854
Chinese name: Miss Wang Fang
English name:Rita

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Bo Yue, founded in 2006, focuses on research and development, production and sales of all kinds of silicone rubber products. Over the years, adhering to the principle 'peopleoriented, quality priority, profession focus, innovation and development', the company constantly committed to the innovation of technology, quality control, and customer relationship management, and has achieved a good reputation in the industry. It has become one of the most product variety enterprises in the industry , and of the best quality silicone...

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    In Sep 2016, through the environmental management system certification-Bo,YUE silicone products

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