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        Brand Introduction

        Houng Fuh Group was founded in 1984, which is a globalized manufacturer that focuses on developing Automation & Technology Equipment with 5 production factories, 6 overseas strategic cooperators, and footprint in 20 countries all over the world. Since “Houng Fuh” Brand was created by our Chairman Mr. Liu, Houng Fuh are keeping to adhering the brand concepts of “ingenuity, innovation, people-oriented”all the time, in order to fulfill the permanent strength for Houng Fuh’s development and push ourselves into the Globalization more rapidly.

        Craftsmanship:Focus on the R&D, Design, and Production of Automation Equipment with attention to every detail to create top-tier quality.
        Innovation:Continuous technological innovation and breakthroughs ensure Hough Fuh the leading position in the industry.
        Human-oriented:We regard our employees as the most precious capital and our customers are always our first priority.






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